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Adam Lindquist worst SEO in San Diego ?

I could write a book about Adam Lindquist of Vaunt Media Group

But, avoid this guy, period.

After the below incident, I researched him online and he could not SEO his way out of a wet paper bag. Everyone is an SEO these days apparently.

I rank top 10 for SEO expert, in the WORLD, so I have room to comment here. Yes, about 10,000,000 results and my ugly mug is top 10. Some days 5-7, some days 6-8.

I have a client he did a design and SEO proposal for after I declined the opportunity to redesign the website. (our design is booked until the end of the year).

Fine, clients come and go, no harm no foul. In fact, I was happy to ensure the transition was smooth. I am a professional.

He proceeds to call me up, and pick my brain. I think we are having a friendly discussion about SEO, how I have ranked the site #1 across the board for the target term, etc.

I ask his opinion on one item, his reply “that is a trade secret.” BS detector went off, I have been doing this 20 years. Trade secret? lol

As the conversation continues, I realize this guy knows nothing about actual SEO, zilch. When pressed he explains that he “outsources” his design and SEO. No wonder he can offer “SEO” for $500.

Wait, It gets better.

He is the worst SEO in San Diego That I have met

He informs me I have been fired. Yes, FIRED. He fired me. Well, he said I was fired.

(turns out he pulled this out of thin air, I am under contract for months)

Then he DEMANDS multiple times I send him a copy of my contract.

Seriously? This is professional? Calling someone else in your industry and demanding THEIR contract with a client? He actually demanded to see MY contract? What business school did this kid go to?

I had to look up my new friend. His site does not rank for anything. His other “SEO” site does not rank for anything. Few clients I could trace to him didn’t rank and had good ole 2007 directory links.

Turns out he worked in sales for a  poorly reviewed SEO agency in the past, and is a photographer. Makes sense, sales is sales. SEO requires knowledge and experience. Big difference.

I am still shocked by SEO Adam Lindquist unprofessional behavior.

You have been warned.

Vaunt Media Group of San Diego, California

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Adam Lindquist
Vaunt Media Group
7486 La Jolla Blvd #447
San Diego, CA 92037